Jubilee Lunch

Street Party

Make bunting

You will need:

  • Printer, A4 paper (you need one piece for one triangle), Scissors, Glue
  • Something to string the triangle onto
  • Something to hold the bunting securely in place when up (or leave enough string at either end to securely tie up)

To make the bunting:

  • Print out as many triangles as you need to make the desire length of bunting
  • Cut out each shape
  • Fold the paper back along the dotted line (so the tab is sitting behind the coloured side)
  • Glue or stick the tab down — you don’t want to glue the entire tab because you need a space to thread the ribbon or string through to hang the bunting
  • If you want the triangles to be spaced apart, you can fold the tab over the ribbon/string and glue the triangle in place on the strand

Bunting Safety

  • Be mindful of where and how securely you hang your bunting as it could be a strangulation/choking hazard. It’s not safe to have it anywhere it could be reached by a young child (even by them climbing onto furniture). Make sure it is securely tied or tacked up — you don’t want it falling down and becoming within reach of a child, and ensure there are no dangling ends of string or ribbon for an eager child to grab.
  • Of course, if you want to avoid lengths of string or ribbon entirely, you can just print out the triangles, cut off the fold- over tab and stick on the wall individually, with pointed edges touching.

Garden BBQ

Create your own mocktail to serve to your family and friends

Tea and Cake

  • Host a Bake Off competition, best decorated cake or cupcake
  • Try different teas

Make a hat for the party

HM The Queen loves to wear bright colourful hats, can you create your own of recyclable materials?

Make union flags

  • Use the template to create a Union Jack from flags of Scotland, Northern Ireland and England.
  • Cut out template, colour in and fold.
  • Colour in both sides of red elements and fold backwards to show separate flags.
  • Can be used to show symmetry, discuss British values and Art or just for fun.

Union Jack Heart Garland

You will need:

  • Red, white, and blue yarn (light, medium, or bulky weight), Cardboard, Scissors, Pen or pencil, Tape (optional), Yarn needle, Union Jack Yarn Heart Garland Template

Create a flower arrangement

  • Out of real or fake
  • Origami or foam flowers
  • Lego
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