About us

Hertfordshire is a wonderful guiding County of over 9,000 members. Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Rangers, and volunteers who enable every young member to develop their potential and be their best. We offer a full and varied programme to the girls in a safe, girl only space.

There are lots of exciting opportunities including the outdoors, international opportunities and trips abroad. Many committed volunteers make all of this happen. Whether girl or adult come and join us, have fun and make lifelong friends. Watch the Discover Guiding video to find out more.

Visit the pages here to find out more about who we are, and how you can get involved.

Girlguiding Hertfordshire the Beginnings…

When Lord Baden-Powell asked his sister Agnes to do 'something for the girls', he could never have foreseen what effect those words would have on the lives of the young women of the country.

Agnes placed an advertisement in a number of newspapers, one of which was the Watford Observer. The advert was answered by Miss D. Birch (later Mrs. Burns) who discovered from Miss Baden-Powell what had to be done to start a Guide Company.

First, Miss Birch had to call upon a number of prominent ladies in the town explaining her ideas, until she had persuaded eight ladies to sign up as the girls’ committee. This could take quite a long time, as often the idea had to be explained several times over before the ladies would agree.

It all obviously took root and after other companies started up, by 1914 there were enough to ensure that the County could be registered at what became known as Commonwealth Headquarters in Buckingham Palace Road, London.

Hertfordshire’s first County Commissioner was Lady Carrick who served for 4 years. From 1919 to the present, no fewer than 16 County Commissioners have given their loyal service to Hertfordshire.