Membership System Updates

January 2022

Important – Commissioners - Action Required NOW on Unit Occasional Helper Roles

We still have 72 unit occasional helper roles within county. This role type was made obsolete in May last year and commissioners were asked to change these as soon as possible. If they are not changed locally then, at some point, HQ will change them automatically, most likely to a unit helper role.

If HQ enforce a change before subscriptions become due in February, this will mean that subscriptions will be payable, as the unit helper role has mandatory membership. You should discuss any change with your UOH, so that you can decide, together, the most appropriate role. A suitable alternative might be the district occasional helper role and, if membership status is set to Recognised Volunteer, will not attract subscriptions.

Please do this as soon as possible and do be aware that, if your volunteer has other roles, ending their main role in your unit/level may have repercussions for other units/levels. They may not be expecting to find someone added to their subscriptions due list, so please don’t leave this until the last minute.