Great Patrol Hunt

With the Great Patrol Hunt girls have the best experiences

The History of the Great Patrol Hunt…

It began in 1968, Hertfordshire Scout Patrols competed annually in various ways, in what became known as Great Patrol Hunt. In 1972, Guide Patrols were admitted to the competitions and many of them entered the first round, the rest is history! Today, Great Patrol Hunt is more popular than ever because the challenges offer patrols the opportunity to do activities that are fun, out of the ordinary and inspiring.

Our Events

Round 1

Round 1 of the Great Patrol Hunt was completed on Saturday 16 October 2021; download the results.

Download round 1 results (PDF)

Round 2

Round 2 of the Great Patrol Hunt was completed on Saturday 26 March 2022; download the results.

Download round 2 results and overall standings (PDF)

Round 3

Round 3 takes place on Friday 24 - Sunday 26 June. Please see the events page for further information.

About the Competition

The competition spans over a year and comprises of 3 rounds. Each round has different and diverse challenges that encourage patrols to work together as a team. Marks are awarded for team work, presentation, effort, etiquette, good deeds and achievement throughout the challenges and the event.

There are two inexpensive activity days finishing with a camp that Guides attend without Unit Leaders, giving an opportunity to make new friends with other Guides from across Hertfordshire whilst developing new skills.

To take part please download and complete an Entry Form (per Patrol), an Information & Consent Form (per Guide). Each Guide will also need to complete a Health Information form (for camp only) and bring it to the event.

Unit leaders are not required to accompany Patrols to this event, which is run by a team of qualified Girlguiding leaders, however if you would like to offer your help, please let us know. New leaders are always more than welcome.

Competition Rules

  • Participants are aged between 10-15 years and an active member of a Guide Unit.
  • Teams need not be regular weekly Patrols, but they must choose a unique name for themselves in order to enter.
  • Patrols must consist of 4-6 Guides and should not include more than 10 different patrol members throughout the three rounds.
  • To participate in Round 3, a patrol and at least 2 members must have competed in one of the previous rounds.
  • If you are unable to make a full Patrol in Rounds 1 & 2, then join the ‘GPH Mavericks’, a patrol made of Guides from different units.