To celebrate the seventy years of the Queen’s reign, beacons will be lit all over the country. On the theme of fire, you might like to:

Campfire songs

Sing some songs at your campfire, here are some suggestions

- We would love to know your favourite campfire songs, send us yours

Hold a camp fire

You could have a campfire in your unit or at home in your garden.

Have a look at the Girlguiding website for a risk assessment checklist

Girlguiding have produced a couple of virtual campfires during the pandemic

Learn to light a fire

Have a go at lighting a fire. Make sure that you have an adult with you if you are a young person and consider the dangers such as:

  • Have a bucket of water nearby to put out the fire if something goes wrong or to nurse a burn
  • Tie long hair back
  • Don’t wear baggy clothing or have chords hanging into the fire
  • Remove any trip hazards near the fire
  • Make sure you are not by overhanging trees or bushes, or long grass
  • Make sure the ground is not very dry grass
  • Keep flammable things away from the fire

Some useful tips on building a successful campfire

Can you have a go at other ways of lighting a fire, rather than just using matches?

Make some campfire snacks

We all love to make some snacks to eat around a campfire, here are some ideas

— What is your favourite campfire treat? Share your recipe

Campfire sketch/skit

Campfires often have entertainment as well as singing. Small groups of guides and scouts put perform a little play or act out a joke. These are called a sketch or skit. Why not have a go at acting out one, here are some ideas: Campfire sketches (11th Nuneaton Scout Troop)

Can you write your own skit? This website helps you create one: How to put on campfire skits

Camp blanket

In guiding we get lots of badges for all sorts of reasons: we earn them for completing challenges, we have celebrations badges and we have friendship and group badges. A popular idea is to sew badges onto a blanket which is then used to keep you warm at a camp or a campfire. Do you have a camp blanket? Have you got a pile of badges that are waiting to be sewn on? Why not start a camp blanket?

- Share photos of your blanket or tell us about your favourite badge: where did you get it? why? why do you love it so much?

A large fire

Attend Jubilee Celebration Campfire

Enter the ticket ballot

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