Have a Platinum Party

Be Queen for a Day at a Unit/Division/District Disco

The Queen’s Jubilee is the perfect excuse to have a party! Be a Queen for a day and get together with girls in your unit or make new friends with girls in your division or district!

Dressed up in your finest royal outfit, you could dance the night away to some Platinum rated hits or play some fun games like:

  • Musical thrones (royal take on musical chairs)
  • The Queen Says (Simon says but make it regal)
  • Pass the platinum parcel (a shiny mystery package fit for a Queen)

Perform ’God Save The Queen’ or a queenly song of your choice

Every good party has music so why not have a go at making your own, whether by yourself or in a group, practise humming, singing, on a musical instrument or even try signing it.

To conduct your own unique performance, try out making your own instruments and play them along to a well-known tune like ’God Save The Queen’:

Host an Afternoon Tea (party) for unit parents or have a cake and tea sale to raise money for a charity of your choice

  • Make a selection of traditionally filled finger sandwiches with traditional Victoria sponge cake and a pot of tea.
  • Either sell cups of tea and the sandwiches and slices of cake to raise money for a charity close to the Queen’s heart OR host an afternoon tea for the parents/ guardians of the girls in your unit.
  • Decorate the cakes and/or cookies with red white and blue colours for the union jack.
  • Make bunting for the party and table decorations for an afternoon tea. You could host a competition for the best table decoration.
  • Make crowns for the unit to wear during the afternoon tea/party
  • Host some traditional activities at a “traditional” street party such as:
    • Tug of War
    • Quizzes — each table (or household) can be a team
    • Raffles and Tombola
    • Hook a Duck (someone’s bound to have a paddling pool that would be perfect)
    • Chalk drawings on the road

Become a Royal Hostess

Our Queen is known for hosting lovely garden parties or gatherings at her palaces, create some invitations and become a royal hostess for your own party. Here’s some ideas for what you could do:

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