Setting up access to GO and the Learning Platform

To set up a learning platform account, you will first need to have registered an account on GO using the email address on your GO record.

GO and the Learning Platform are two separate systems, but they do ‘talk’ to each other. The username will always be the same on the two systems but you should set a different password for each. Please be aware that if you change the password on one system it will not change on the other.

Download instructions as PDF

Creating an account on GO

Go to and click on Login to GO at the top of the page.

Girlguiding website homepage showing location of login to GO

If you have never logged into GO before you can use the ‘Don’t have a login’ button, on the GO login screen, to receive an invitation code. Please make sure you use the same email address which you have used in your enquiry or, if you are already a member, the one on your GO record.

You will receive an invitation code by email. When you have the code, click on the Redeem Invitation tab to enter the code and register your account.

GO Login Screen showing Redeem Invitation tab and Don't have a login button

If you have already registered an account but have forgotten your login details, please use the ‘Forgotten Username’ and or Forgotten Password’ buttons. You will receive an email giving you the information you need.

After you have set up your GO account, a learning platform account will automatically be set up for you within 24 hours.

If you are unable to access the email address which you have on your record and need this to be changed please email [email protected] or for a speedier resolution phone them on 0800 999 2016 or 020 7834 6242.

Creating an account on the Learning Platform

Go to When you are ready to access your learning platform account.

You will use the same username that you use for GO but will set a different password.

Girlguiding Learning login screen The bottom grey button entitled ‘first time here’ will open a section explaining how to access the platform.

To set your password, click the forgotten password link, which will send an email (to the address on your GO record) with a reset link.

Click on the reset link in your email and input a new password.

You will then be able to access the platform and complete your ‘A Safe Space’ or any other e-learnings and webinars you are interested in. Any e-learnings you complete will take 24 - 48 hours to synchronize over to your GO account.

If you have any trouble accessing the platform, completing the e-learning or your course has not registered on GO, please email [email protected] and they should be able to help.

Troubleshooting receiving invitation emails

If you are not receiving the invitation email check your spam/Junk folder. Make a trusted domain in your email client and try again.

Setting Girlguiding as trusted domain in Outlook web

To set a domain active in Outlook on the web (refer to your email supplier for other clients), go to Settings/ View all Outlook settings/Email/Junk email and add under the Safe senders and domains.

Outlook on the web settings

If that doesn’t work, contact [email protected] or for a speedier resolution phone them on 0800 999 2016 or 02078 346 242. Phone would obviously be best, as any email reply may disappear into the ether along with the others!