The Derby

The Queen will be attending the Epsom Derby as part of her jubilee celebrations. The Queen is very fond of horse racing and horses in general.

To celebrate the Queen’s love of horses you could:

Hold a race night

There are a number of virtual providers available on the internet, examples (not tested):

There are also companies who will host an event for you, such as:

Really Nasty Horse Racing Board Game

Play a horse racing game

There are a number of games available to buy such as (not tested, some may have age restrictions):

  • "Cheatwell Games Host Your Own Race Night"
  • "The Really Nasty Horce Racing Game"
Household Cavalry parading on Horseguards

Horseguards Parade

For the Queen’s birthday and special occasions, the Queen’s Foot Guards and Cavalry parade at Horseguards Parade. This is the home for the Queen’s horses and soldiers. What can you find out about Horseguards Parade? You might like to visit the Household Cavalry museum website

Horse riding

If you have the opportunity to ride a horse then have a go. Join a riding tour for a day, e.g. Horseback Riding Tours in Hertfordshire (Tripadvisor)

Alternatively learn the skills required and have a go without a horse

Design a jockey strip

Jockeys have bold patterns and colours on their outfits (known as a strip)

Design your own jockey strip with your favourite colours and patterns.

— Share your design with us

steps to drawing a horse

Learn to draw a horse

The Queen has had horses called Tommy, Imperial and Betsy. Try drawing a horse and name it.

— Show us your drawings

Hobby horse

Hobby Horses are a real craze in Scandanavia, in particular. They even have competitions which can be found on YouTube.

Why not make your own hobby horse?

There are a number of tutorials on YouTube: How to Make a DIY Stick Horse or Hobby Horse Unicorn

— We would love to see a photo of your hobby horse

Now you have a hobby horse, why not:

  • Have a race
    • If you don’t want to make one, you can still race with a broom!
  • Do some hobby horse dressage

Royal Horse Champions

Princess Anne, Zara Tindell & Lady Louise Windsor are all keen competitive horse women. What can you find out about them or other royals? Can you create a poster to show what you have found?

— Share your poster

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