Monopoly Run "Live" 2024


Monopoly Run “Live” is back!

Saturday 14 September - bookings opening June 24.

Welcome to the country’s largest Monopoly themed event for Scouts and Guides, using the real streets of London as your game board.

Monopoly Run ‘Live’ is a real-time version of the popular Monopoly Run (London) board game. It is played in a single day in central London and involves visiting the actual sites that the board game is based on. Our bespoke control system allows multiple ‘mini-games’ to be simultaneously run, enabling hundreds of teams to compete on the day, yet each team will only have a maximum of seven other competitor teams, giving everyone a good chance at winning. The game is all about your tactics and speed in getting around the capital!

Enjoyed by many Guides in March. Use a Travelcard to visit as many sites as possible and test your problem solving skills as you go.

For more information and to book visit Monopoly Run “Live” 2024 - The best day out around London for Scouts & Guides.

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