Bayfordbury Observatory - astronomy experiences


We’re excited to offer a range of engaging events tailored to different age groups, designed to help girls achieve their Space badge. Each event includes a captivating talk by one of our astronomers, an informative visual planetarium show, and an illuminating tour of our telescopes, with hands on opportunities to observe celestial wonders when the night sky is clear.

During daytime and summer months, our solar telescopes provide awesome views of the Sun and its sunspots. As winter approaches, our optical telescopes unveil the mysteries of the Moon, planets, and perhaps even distant nebulae or star clusters.

These unforgettable experiences will inspire and educate while fostering a deep appreciation for the cosmos.

Booking in advance for winter sessions is available for most slots, and you can secure you place using our online booking form on the Bayfordbury Observatory’s Group visits webpage:

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

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