Local area

Local area information

There are many local footpaths nearby, and Cromer Windmill is within easy walking distance. The village has a pub (The Bull) as well as a public telephone and post box. There is also a play park in the recreation grounds by the village hall.

The nearest shops are in Baldock and Buntingford. The nearest supermarket is Tesco in Baldock.

Letchworth Garden City and Stevenage are also nearby, and Cambridge is around 25 miles from Cottered.

There is an infrequent bus service travelling through Cottered, giving access to Buntingford, Baldock, Letchworth, Hitchin and Stevenage from Monday - Saturday.

Nearby attractions

  • Cromer Windmill
  • Church Farm in Ardeley
  • Stotfold Watermill & Nature Reserve
  • Standalone Farm, Letchworth
  • British Schools Museum, Hitchin
  • Hitchin Lavender
  • Broadway Cinema, Letchworth
  • Letchworth Outdoor Pool (Summer only)
  • Avenue Park Splash Pad (Summer only)
  • Stevenage Leisure Centre, including a cinema, bowling and various restaurants

Cottered Village Photo Trail

Starting from the Guide Centre follow the trail through Cottered village and locate the buildings and items shown in the photos.

Download the Cottered Village Photo Trail (updated June 2023)

Geocaching in Cottered

Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunt. People use a GPS device to navigate to a location, and then try to find a container that has been hidden there.

There is a geocache hidden here at the Centre, as well as a few in the surrounding area for you to find during your stay. Log on to the Geocaching website and search for Cottered to find more information.