Blue Cross Virtual Pet Care Talks and Resources

We know that Rainbows, Brownies and Guides love pets and love learning about the importance of responsible pet care and ownership.

As our Blue Cross visits to your meetings have not been possible, we’ve continued to support young people with free virtual talks delivered via Zoom. We reached over 56,000 young people last year – and we’d love to offer talks to your groups too!

Blue Cross DBS-checked speakers are flexible to your leader’s needs; offering virtual talks to help with pet topics and badge work simultaneously in their online meetings. Our talks are fun, highly interactive, and last for around 30 minutes; supporting badge work and teaching life skills.

Talk topics include:

  • What pets need
  • Dog safety
  • Animals in war
  • Pets & our wellbeing (older groups only)

We’ve put together some amazing free resources too, offering lots of follow up activities for continued learning, all accessible from our website here

To book a talk please fill in the form on our website or contact us at [email protected]