Membership System Updates 2024

June 2024

Leaders returning after 3+ years

If a leader has qualified as leader via the leadership qualification (LQ) or the leader development programme (LDP), but they have been away from guiding for 3+ years, their qualification will have expired.

They should speak to an LDP mentor who can help identify any learning needs to complete. The top up elearning course on the learning platform is recommended, and the programme overview and moving sections courses might be appropriate. Once mentor and commissioner are happy, the leader role can be reinstated. For their commissioner to add the leader role, they will first need to add the new ‘Returning leader after 3+ years’ course onto GO.

However, please be aware that there is currently a problem with the ‘Returning leader after 3+ years’ course and it is not currently available to add on to GO. If you have someone in this situation and you cannot add a new leader role for them, please contact the county membership systems coordinator.

Changes and eventual removal of ‘individuals’ tab in GO

Changes are happening which will hopefully make it easier for leaders to find details for people in their unit. Information found under the current Individuals tab will be moved to other areas.

The ‘Individuals’ list will be moved to a new tab called ‘Contact this unit’. This will make it easier to view and download email addresses for people in your unit, in a single step.

The information about previous members will move to a new stand-alone ‘previous members’ tab.

The new tabs are expected to be available in GO by the end of May. The existing Individuals tab will be kept for a short time, with a message explaining how to get the information via the new tabs. The Individuals tab will be removed in the next few months, once the new tabs are up and running.

This change will also affect those with commissioner and level support access who can currently see the Individuals tab, but all the information will continue to be available via other tabs.

Young leaders with Ranger roles not appearing on Letter of Commendation list

There is a known error affecting girls turning 18 not appearing on the letter of commendation list but showing as requiring references. This appears to affect those who also hold a Ranger role (until age 19). HQ are investigating.

May 2024

Email the county membership systems coordinator

Young leaders (YLs) and young external volunteers (YEVs) with no email

Please ensure that all young leaders and young external volunteers have a valid email address. When their role is created their record is split off from any parent record and in the process the email address for the parent is removed. Commissioners must then add the young volunteers own email address. Without an email address they will not be able to create their logins to GO and the learning platform, and without which they will not be able to do their a safe space training.

GO login problems

There have been a lot of problems with the introduction of the new login system for GO and the learning platform. Hopefully these have been rectified now. Please, do let the county membership systems coordinator know if you are still experiencing problems.

April 2024

Old leadership qualification (LQ) roles to be deactivated

Please be aware that leader in training roles will be being deactivated from 12 April, and the volunteer given a unit helper role, if they were originally following the old LQ course and are not now enrolled on the newer leader development programme (LDP) course.

LQ mentor and LQ coordinator roles will also be deactivated from this date if not done already. This does not affect LDP mentor roles.

New process for returning leaders

From 12 April, there will be a new process for returning leaders after 3+ years. Once the learning identified by a mentor (changing section training, programme update, leader top-up e-learning etc.) has been completed, commissioners add the new ‘Returning leader after 3+ years’ course on GO to reinstate a person’s leader role.

Commissioner training

If any commissioners would like to have a one-to-one (or two where roles are joint) GO training please contact the county membership systems coordinator on [email protected]. Please give suggestions as to the best days/times for you.

February 2024

Email Membership Systems for support on [email protected] only.

Commissioner Training

If any commissioners would like to have a one-to-one (or two where roles are joint) GO training please contact Sheila on membership@girlguiding