Karin Hunter

Training and Event Administrator

Coordinates and organises the training and ongoing development of Leaders.

Over the years, as many of my friends will tell you, Girlguiding has become such a BIG part of my life, having started my Girlguiding journey many moons ago as a Brownie, then a Guide belonging to two units so that I could camp as often as I could, I sadly had to step away from guiding for many years as my career then took over my life, but then had the chance to re-enter when my own daughter joined Rainbows.

I’ve had the most amazing Girlguiding adventures in Walkern, Hertfordshire over the last few years as a leader and district commissioner, making many new friends along the way and then just before lockdown in 2020, I was asked to take over the running of a Guiding unit in the next district and I haven’t looked back, now the Stevenage division commissioner with an amazing team of district commissioners to work with, not only am I giving back to the community, which is important to me but also helping to empower girls, helping them to connect with other girls, grow their confidence and help them find their voices.

I’m really looking forward to taking on my next challenge with Hertfordshire Girlguiding as the County Advisor Responsible for Training (C.A.R.T.).

Other team members


Safeguarding Adviser

Safeguarding Adviser

Supports and advises members of the county with all aspects of safeguarding.

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Trish Botten

Peer Educator Co-ordinator

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Katie Hill

Badge Secretary

Liaises with Girlguiding nationally with regard to badges and certificates, and Chairs the County Depots Annual General Meeting

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