Unit Opportunities

Why not complete the international resources Girlguiding offer for all sections or the Commonwealth award? Or take part in an international challenge badge to support group fundraising, and maybe one of the trip participants will come and run it for you! Could you invite someone in to your unit who has been on an international adventure or someone who has experience of a different culture that they are happy to share with you?

WAGGGS has some fantastic resources (World Thinking Day, #Teamgirl, surf smart etc), why not give these a go? https://www.wagggs.org/en/resources/

Visit a World Centre- Pax Lodge is in North London and is easily accessible from Hertfordshire: https://www.wagggs.org/en/our-world/world-centres/pax-lodge/

Visit an international camp in the UK. There are plenty to choose from including: Essex International Jamboree, NorJam, CamJam, Charnwood, Poacher, Wings, and in 2022 our very own County Camp. (A quick google search will help you find out when and where these events are happening).

Run a trip abroad for your unit! We’ve had lots of units visit Disneyland Paris and Our Chalet, Switzerland as well as a few going further afield. Please get in touch with us if you are thinking of planning a unit trip and we’ll be there to support you through the process. We promise it’s worth it because leaders come home from one trip and start planning the next!