With Girlguiding units currently closed following Government advice, we need to find new ways to communicate and keep in touch. Our County Facebook page is a resource for everyone linked to Guiding: parents (and their daughters) as well as leaders. We aim to provide information, ongoing news and activities on Facebook but will also add these activities for you and your daughter to do together at home on this page so please keep checking this page for updates on activities to do as well as Girlguiding webpage for adventures at home.

Adventures at Home FESTIVAL – SATURDAY 23rd May 2020

Enjoy all the fun of the festival over the bank holiday weekend…
Join us on Saturday 23 May for the Girlguiding #AdventuresAtHome festival.

🎵 Performances
🙌 How-to sessions
🎤 Talks
🤸 Workouts for the whole family

Our festival is open to all, so tell your friends and family! Click here for all the details:


Here’s how to make your festival wristband for the great Adventures at Home Festival tomorrow 😎🎶🎪🤹‍♂️🎤🎡🎊🎵⛺️

💫 Once you’ve made your own, why not make them for your whole family so they can join in the festival fun too?

Check out the amazing line up here:

Let’s Spread Some Joy

Create a picture and colour in to display in your window, this could be a thank you message, animals, smiley faces, flowers, etc or print off this Guiding Light picture to colour in. Please remember to keep a safe distance from anyone else if you do go for a walk. Stay safe:

Join the Great Girlguiding Story-Along 

Fancy yourself as the next J.K. Rowling? Children can fill in the gaps below to create their own exciting story adventures to share with friends, family or their unit.  Use the sentence below to start your story, and see where your imagination takes you…

There once was a ___ who ___. Suddenly ___ but then ____. 

How about drawing pictures to illustrate your story? Don’t forget to give your story a title… you could even design a book cover!

Activities you could do at home in the garden

The Hertfordshire Wildlife Trust have some great ideas to do in the garden from creating bee hotels to creating container gardens for wildlife.  Please check out their website.

Share some positivity!

Ask children to leave three positive notes around the home to brighten someone’s day. How about a joke, a funny face and an inspirational quote?

Sew your badges

Lots of us have got more time on our hands – so why not use them and sew your badges onto something? How many of you have badges waiting to be sewn onto your gilet, sash, uniform or camp blanket? Can you learn to sew them on yourself? Ask a grown up for help and learn a new skill.

Have fun with emojis 🙂

What film titles can you depict using just emojis? Probably everyone can guess ❄️⛄️👭🏰

How about making a Ladybird book mark?

Did you know that in Ireland Rainbows are called Ladybirds? And a Ladybird leader is called Coccinella? Follow this link to find out more.

A-Z Scavenger Hunt

Make a list from A to Z. Can you can find things around your home beginning with every letter of the alphabet?. Which letters were the most difficult? What were the funniest things you found?
Share your weird and wonderful findings with your friends!

Keep a Journal

This activity is most suitable for Rangers, Guides and older Brownies. We are living in a time of enormous change and uncertainty. Maybe this will open up conversations where girls can share their observations and feelings about what they are experiencing?

Rainbows for Nightingale

UPDATE from NHS Nightingale London official Twitter:

Unfortunately, a fake Facebook account has been set up for the Nightingale Hospital London asking people to share rainbow pictures. Please be aware of misinformation and only get your information from trusted sources, like We love that so many of you have shared your amazing rainbow pictures, but please don’t send them in the post. We’re working on a way to receive them, but for now please share using #RainbowsForNightingale Source:…/status/1245402097035681794

Make your Promise in Makaton

Here is a great activity for all sections to try. How many of us will be able to make our promise in Makaton when we meet again? Makaton is a language programme that uses signs and symbols. Anyone can practise making the Makaton promise (even if you’ve already made yours!). 🤚 See more instructions and videos:

Start a Gratitude Book today

Keep adding to it each week. This will be a useful reminder of all the things you are thankful for, to look through when you are feeling down.  In difficult times, it’s important to remember the positives. Take a photo or draw a picture of five things you’re thankful for and put them all together to create a Gratitude book.

Pamper Someone

How about a nice treat for the weekend? Take time to pamper someone, to show how much you love them… maybe pamper the whole family, including yourself! Take someone breakfast in bed, run a bubbly bath, paint their nails, prepare a special meal… or simply make them a nice cup of tea or coffee, while they put their feet up 

Boredom Busters

Staying Home, Saving Lives’ doesn’t need to be boring!

This wonderful pack of guiding inspired challenges has been put together by Girlguiding North West England. Which activity will you try first? Click here to get started:

Dance Party

We are all spending more time on our screens during lockdown… for work, play, education and socialising. So it is more important than ever before to keep up our daily exercise. Here’s a fun activity for all ages: make up a dance routine to your favourite song 🎶 Teach it to everyone in your family. Practise it every day. And most importantly… have fun! Pick your favourite song and make up a dance routine. Or you could try either the #OhNaNaNa or #BlindingLights dance challenge! 👣 Why not film yourself and teach others your dynamite dance moves?

Fairy House

Let’s enjoy the good weather ☀️ Here is something creative to do outside… Build a Fairy House using whatever you can find in your own garden: twigs, leaves, feathers, moss, stones, flowers (ask permission from a grown up before picking any flowers!) If you haven’t got a garden, collect some natural building materials when you are out for your daily walk. Bring them home and create your Fairy House indoors. Or how about making aerials?

Toy Safari

Take your soft toys and teddy bears on holiday for the weekend! Create exciting places for them to visit around your home and garden. Take photos to show where they have been, and make a photo album of their adventures. Perhaps they could visit the Fairy House you made? Soft toys need adventure too! Create a photo diary of your toys having lots of adventures. Maybe they’ll go into the jungle (garden or houseplant), or fall asleep somewhere they shouldn’t.

Self Portrait

Challenge: can you make a self-portrait without using any pens, pencils or paint? Use any objects you find around your house or garden. Be creative with string hair, pasta noses, buttonhole eyes – anything goes!🕶🍂🥚🥐🍇🔑✂️🧲📀🧩 

Draw a colourful animal

Let’s continue spreading joy to all those out taking their daily walks. Week 4 – draw a colourful animal to display in your window. Create your own funky animal, or follow the link if you would like some inspiration:…

Make lots of smiley faces

Have fun and bring joy to everyone in your house and those who walk past… Week 6: Make lots of smiley faces and hang them around your home and in your windows for all to see 🙂😀😄😊☺️😁🙃

‘A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose’ – Tom Wilson

Do you know the Brownie Smile song?

Create a Bridge

🌉 Our friends at Amey are great at designing and maintaining bridges!

Place two chairs apart (or anything to form your a bridge base) and use different materials (clothes, boxes) to bridge the gap.

🔨 Can you create a bridge strong enough to roll a tin over it? Share your bridges with us!

Brownie ‘Grow Your Own’ badge

Celebrate #NationalGardeningWeek! This is the perfect time of year to start working towards the Brownie ‘Grow Your Own’ badge. Imagine and plan your dream garden, choose a plant with a purpose to grow, find out everything you need to know about looking after your plant then put this in to practise and see if your plant will grow successfully 🌱🍅🌻

Share your favourite childhood stories

Think back to your favourite books when you were a child. Share these stories with your children. You don’t need to have a copy to hand – you can tell a story from memory and have fun making it exciting, funny, sad or intriguing 📖

Photo Frame

Do you have a favourite photo you want to display? 🖼️ Make a picture frame for it using any kind of material you have to hand. How can you make that memory even more special?