External First Aid Courses

15th Mar 2022 by The County Office

If you have undertaken external first aid training and wish this to be used within your Girlguiding role your external course must have been delivered on a face-to-face basis and last at least 6 hours. It must have included both child and adult CPR and covered all the clauses in the Girlguiding 1st Response syllabus.

If there are any clauses which were not covered, you may wish to discuss this shortfall with a Girlguiding trainer. Please speak to your commissioner if you need to arrange this.

Girlguiding 1st Reponse Syllabus

Submitting your request

Please note: In order to be a recognised first aider in Girlguiding you must complete the 1st Response e-learning via the Girlguiding Learning Platform . Completion of this module must show on your GO record before an external First Aid course can be processed.

Once completed, please forward a copy of your external course certificate, along with a signed and dated copy of the Girlguiding 1st Response Syllabus to [email protected]