Matchbox challenge

Hold a sponsored matchbox challenge.

The matchbox challenge is to see how many different things can be put into a standard size matchbox. Pick a matchbox type so they are all the same size.

Give each member a box and the letter explaining the challenge and a sponsorship form.

Once they have filled the boxes and sponsorship form, ask them to write a number list of the items and submit the list, matchbox and sponsor form by a certain date.

You could link the items they need to collect to a theme or leave it open.

The rules

  • Only one of each item is allowed (no filling the box with grains of sand).
  • No duplicates (if you put a seed of every fruit and flower it still counts as one – a seed).
  • No body parts (toenails clippings and hair is not wanted).
  • No living (or dead) things please.
  • All items must be itemised, along with the total number, on your list form.
  • Entries to please be returned to your unit in 3 weeks.
  • Please place your name on your entry.
  • You are welcome to decorate your matchbox if you would like to.

Matchbox challenge sponsorship form