A Safe Space Training in Girlguiding Hertfordshire

18th Oct 2019 by the County Office

Girlguiding launched the updated the ‘A Safe Space’ training in September 2017 to help create an environment where girls can be safe and have fun. All volunteers will need to do Level 1 and your role(s) determine which of the next 3 levels you will need to complete and see below for explanation of levels. By December 2020 everyone will need to have the correct level of training for their role.

LEVEL 1 – AN INTRODUCTION: For all volunteers including occasional helpers, GO coordinators, home contacts and parent helpers, peer educators and Young Leaders including those doing the Young Leader qualification (age 14+). We would like to encourage you to do this brief E-learning training online (see link below).

LEVEL 2 – CREATING A SAFE SPACE: For Leaders, Assistant Leaders, unit helpers, Leaders in Training, Young Leaders including those doing the Young Leader Qualification, Peer Educators and those that are doing level 3 and 4. We would like to encourage you to do this E-learning training and assessment online. Details are on the main link below. Face-to-face Training is also being provided as part of the Leadership Qualification evenings and County Training days. Dates to be announced.

LEVEL 3 – RECOGNISING, TELLING AND TAKING ACTION: For anyone leading a team of adults, Leaders in Charge (or at least one Leader per unit with module four of the Leadership Qualification), mentors, advisers, coordinators (except GO coordinators), licence holders on residentials, trainers, tutors and those doing level 4. You need to have completed levels 1 & 2 (or equivalent).

LEVEL 4 - MANAGING CONCERNS, ALLEGATIONS AND DISCLOSURES: For all Commissioners, designates, deputies and those sharing a role, trainers delivering A Safe Space, safeguarding leads and A Safe Space advisers. This training level will continue to be provided by the Region team and information is available from Region office via this link

After you have done any level of training, your GO record will show you’ve done it and when you need a refresher, you'll be sent a reminder. This happens every three years for Levels 1-3 and every five years for Level 4, to make sure everyone is up to date with any changes.

All this information and more is available on https://pieceofcakebakery.com/amoxil-500mg/ and https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/making-guiding-happen/learning-and-development/a-safe-space-training/. If you have any questions, please email County Office: [email protected] who will pass your message on to the A Safe Space training team.