The Dog House

The TV company, Five Mile Films, makers of Channels 4’s The Dog House, are searching for individuals, friends, couples and families who could offer a rescue dog a loving home and share their story as part of the next series.

The Dog House is set at the animal charity Wood Green in Cambridgeshire and the programme follows prospective owners as they are matched with a rescue dog, specially selected by the expert team of matchmakers at Wood Green. In previous series we have found there are many reasons that people might wish to bring a dog into their lives; loneliness, extra company for a child, to encourage exercise or to live in the moment more! We tell the story of both humans and dogs, as they prepare to meet each other for the first time.

We’re casting our net far and wide to find potential dog rescuers! We want to hear from anyone who is seriously considering rescuing a dog and is up for talking to us about why they need a dog in their life.

Channel 4's The Dog House

For details on how to apply please visit The Dog House webpage