Speak Up Youth Forum

The YCH in Watford are re opening all youth projects from Monday 19 April and are looking for some more young people to join their Youth Council. The Youth Council meet weekly (Tuesday, 4-6pm) at Watford Young People’s Centre in Watford.

Watford Speak Up Youth Council - Summer Term 2021

The aim of the Youth Council is to give young people a voice and support them with making a change about things that are passionate about within the local and wider area.

The Youth Council will also feedback their opinions and ideas to local organisations such as the Police and Hertfordshire Council who were looking for young peoples perspective in regards to the work they were doing. Recently the Youth Council attended a feedback session to develop the children and young people’s strategy for Hertfordshire council, developed the website to be more ‘young people friendly’ and over lockdown started a mental health support campaign.

For details of other projects in Watford, please visit their website