Blue Cross Talks on pet care and dog safety

Blue Cross, the charity dedicated to helping sick, injured and homeless pets has offered a national free education service to children aged 5-12 since 2005. Using our network of fully-trained and DBS-checked volunteer speakers we reached 112,000 young people in the UK last year. Blue Cross talks are part of their programme of information and education and are free of charge.

Perfect for animal, pet and charity related activity badges or for groups who want to learn about pet care and dog safety. Talk topics include:

What pets need

Be safe with Dogs

Junior life skills – responsible dog ownership (aged 10 and above)

Some of their volunteers have temperament-assessed dogs with them, and all carry a number of resources to help make the message of Blue Cross a fun and interesting experience. Availability of talks is dependent upon the availability of our speakers, so please contact the Education team with your requirements or make a booking online at

For more information about programme and free resources please visit their website.