Annual subscriptions


The subscription for members of Girlguiding Hertfordshire for 2024 will be increasing by 50p to £9. This gives a total subscription of £55.

The subscription information document sets out details of the Girlguiding Hertfordshire subscription, how it was determined and what it will be spent on.

Subscription information

Please note:

  • Girlguiding Hertfordshire is subsidising this by over £5 per member to ensure we can keep our subscription as low as possible.
  • Your division and/or district may have added their own levy on top of this. Please speak to your local commissioner for details.
  • Financial support is available via the online Assistance with subscriptions grant application form. Grant applications should be submitted by Friday 12 January.

Important dates

Noon, Tues 23 Jan

Trial invoices are ready to view and download from the Subscriptions system.

Unit leaders should:

  • Check unit invoices and look at numbers of girls and volunteers to be paid for.
  • Update records for girls who have left and ensure all girls attending meetings are recorded on GO.
  • Ensure there will be sufficient cleared funds in unit and district accounts to pay invoices promptly.

Commissioners should:

  • Check invoices for all units in their area and ensure volunteer records are correct.
  • Ensure that new leaders are aware of what they need to do to receive the necessary support.
  • Ensure there will be sufficient cleared funds in unit and district accounts to pay invoices promptly.

7pm, Mon 19 Feb

No more changes can be made to trial invoices.

Noon, Tues 20 Feb

Official and payable invoices will be available to download and send with payment.

Noon, Thurs 28 Mar

All subscription payments must be received in full by this date.

Payments can be made by debit card or cheque with 2 signatories – no personal cheques will be accepted.

For more information about the annual subscription process and where you can find help and support, please visit Girlguiding’s Paying your annual subscription webpage. Unit leaders should contact their local commissioner or key user if they have any queries about the process.

Commissioners with queries or questions should contact the county treasurer via [email protected].

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