2022 Subscriptions

27th Oct 2021 by The County Office

The subscription for members of Girlguiding Hertfordshire for 2022 will be £8.50 which gives a total subscription of £39.50. Please remember that your division and/or your district may have added their own levy on top of this. Please speak to your local commissioner for details.

You can view the details of how the Hertfordshire subscription was determined and what it will be spent on in the subscriptions detail document:

Girlguiding Hertfordshire subscription details

Please remember that financial support will be available. In line with last year, the Sustainability fund will be available to support you. It would be really helpful if you could apply by 30 November 2021 as we will be deciding on the first tranche of grants in December (although final deadline is 31 January 2022). Please complete the county sustainability form and return it to the County Treasurer via [email protected]

Please note the following important dates:-

25 January midday:

Trial invoices are ready to view and download from the Subscription system.

Unit leaders should:

  • check unit invoices and look at numbers of girls and volunteers to be paid for
  • update records for girls who have left and ensure all girls attending meetings are recorded on GO
  • ensure there will be sufficient cleared funds to pay the invoice promptly

Commissioners should:

  • check invoices for all units in their area and ensure volunteer records are correct
  • ensure that new Leaders are aware of what they need to do and receive the necessary support
  • ensure there will be sufficient cleared funds in Unit and District accounts to pay invoices promptly

7pm, 21 February:

No more changes can be made to trial invoices

Noon, 22 February:

Official and payable invoices will be available to download and send with payment

Noon, 1 April:

All subscription payments must be received in full by this date.

Payments can be made by debit card this year or cheque with 2 signatures – no personal cheques will be accepted. More details about paying by card will be available later in the year.

For more information about the annual subscriptions process and where you can find help and support, visit https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/making-guiding-happen/running-your-unit/finance-insurance-and-property/subscriptions/paying-your-subscriptions/

Unit leaders should contact their local commissioner or key user if they have any queries about the process. Commissioners with queries or questions should contact the County Treasurer, Elaine Wilson [email protected]