Level 1 Walking Scheme Training (lowland/local areas)

4th Dec 2021 - 5th Dec 2021

Anglia Region event with Hertfordshire trainers (Verity Maclachlan and Alison Tuch) for those aged 16+ from Saturday, 4 - Sunday, 5 December 2021 at Ellesborough Guide Centre in Buckinghamshire.

Do you lack the confidence to take your girls for a local walk, maybe in woodland or along the canal or river? Would you benefit from a bit of help with map reading, planning a route and doing a risk assessment? If so, this level 1 walking scheme training is for you.

Cost: Thanks to funding from National HQ the cost will be £20 (which includes all training, food and accommodation in bunk rooms!).

Please register your interest with [email protected] but booking, once open, will be via the Anglia Girlguiding website.