BP Adventure Winter Surprise

18th November 16 by the County Office

On Saturday 12th November 19 guides met at Northern Heights for the BP Adventure Winter Surprise.

Most of the girls didn’t know each other but soon got stuck in (literally!) making snowmen out of balloons, wool and lots and lots of glue (plus a few secret ingredients!). The laughter and friendship soon started and continued throughout the weekend as they embarked on some confectionary making, cake decorating (and eating – no one seemed too upset biting into Santa’s face!) and candle work.

After dinner (Christmas dinner of course) the girls made props for their own photo booth and then practiced their photography skills on each other.

Next day was the moment of truth when the balloons were popped and the snowmen began to emerge! The girls also got to decorate photo frames to capture those photo booth poses for posterity!!

Thanks go to all the leaders who can to help over the weekend and congratulations to all the girls on completing the adventure and all their achievements in the BP Challenge.

Sue Rees, County BP Challenge Coordinator

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