Anglia Award Congratulations – Sue Thornton

09th November 20 by Jenny Maskrey, County Commissioner

We are delighted to announce that Sue Thornton has been awarded an Anglia award. Just as a reminder, the criteria for the award:

“Awarded in recognition for exceptional quality of service given within the Region showing commitment and a level of service that has been over and above ‘the call of duty’”

What could be more apt for going above the call of duty than saving someone’s life?

Sue is a trained first aider and leapt to the aid of a gentleman who became very unwell in the theatre. By staying calm and following everything she had been taught in first aid, Sue saved the man’s life. I know Sue has been thanked and recognised for this amazing act but we wanted to add our recognition by presenting Sue with the Anglia Brooch and say how proud we are that she is part of Girlguiding Hertfordshire.

Well done Sue!