Anglia Award Congratulations – Nicola Day

30th October 20 by Jenny Maskrey, County Commissioner

We are delighted to announce that Nic Day has been awarded an Anglia award.

Nic runs a combined Rainbow and Brownie unit in Radlett, has the role as district secretary and is heavily involved in the district headquarters. She is involved in the running of many district events and is instrumental in the hugely successful Great Patrol Hunt. These roles are amazing enough in their own right but Nic was nominated as she goes above and beyond by doing so much more.

Sadly, the risk of closure of units can be all too common due to the lack of leaders. When this was the situation that Radlett faced in 2019, Nic refused to let the Rainbow unit close. She took it upon herself to recruit new leaders who she then mentored through their leadership qualification. She supported them by running their meetings while they built confidence and handled all of the administration, finances and programming. The unit is now flourishing and the leaders have fully integrated will all elements of the district including residential events.

Nic doesn’t only support new members, she actively seeks others to see where they need help. Nic stops at nothing to give others an amazing and supported guiding experience.

For this outstanding mentoring, we are delighted that Nic has been awarded the Anglia Brooch. Thank you Nic for all that you do and congratulations on the award.