Sangam Stay 3rd-12th August 2017

Have you ever wanted to experience the fun and excitement of Guiding at one of our World Centres?

I have a booking for Sangam 3rd-12th August 2017 and you would be very welcome to join me, though places are limited, so must be first come first served please.

The session is called Develop Your Potential, is open to Guide Leaders, and will probably include some sort of service project with the local community.

It is possible that we could add on a few days to include a visit to the fabulous Taj Mahal, travelling by overnight train, if the group decides. The cost of the Sangam stay is £650, and they will need a deposit of about £60 before Christmas.  Cost of flights will be around £700, and the add on stay about £250, though these are only guestimates at the moment.

Interested?  Please email or call if you would like to know more, or just book your place

01442 263857 /

Lynne Kirby, Ex County International Adviser